MARCH 3 - 8,
Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia



  • Real and complex numbers.
  • Sequences and series of numbers.
  • Functions of one real variable: continuity, differentiability, Taylor formula, Riemann integral.
  • Sequences and series of functions: pointwise and uniform convergence; differentiability and integrability term by term.
  • Power series, elementary functions.
  • Improper Riemann integral, functions defined by integrals (Euler integrals).

Algebra and Geometry

  • General notions about some algebraic structures: groups, rings, fields.
  • General properties about polynomials with real and complex coefficients.
  • Finite dimensional vector spaces over real and complex numbers: base and dimension.
  • Linear transformations and matrices; eigenvalues, eigenvectors, diagonal form and applications.
  • Quadratic forms. Plane and and solid analytical geometry: linea, planes, conics, quadrics.