MARCH 3 - 8,
Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia


The Mathematical Society of South Eastern Europe (MASSEE) was established on March 1, 2003 to join the forces of all the communities that are involved and further collaborate for adding value to the common ground for actions in the area. The main activities of MASSEE are: organizing competitions; developing and running research projects; organizing specific meetings between all the stakeholders in the area; establishing the production of scientific publications.

MASSEE Management Board

President: Gregoris Makrides, Cyprus
Vice President: Petar Kenderov, Bulgaria
Vice President: Aleksandar Lipkovski, Serbia
Treasurer: Anargyros Fellouris, Greece
Member: Fatos Kopliku, Albania
Member: Aleksa Malcheski, FYR of Macedonia
General Secretary: Yiannis Tyrlis, Greece

MASSEE Committee for SEEMOUS

  • Gregoris Makrides, Cyprus – President of the MASSEE
  • Radu Gologan, Romania – President of the Romanian Mathematical Society
  • Sava Grozdev, Bulgaria – Bulgarian Academy of Science

MASSEE publishes the Journal “MATHEMATICA BALKANICA”, organizes the International Mathematics Conferences every three years, and participates in European Projects. More information can be found on